Add a column in Account Schedule

Thanks for your help in advance:

I have an Account Schedule having Rows as: Salaries, Purchased Services, Subcontracts, Supplies and Columns Activity Before (Filter Date), Commitment, Encumbrances. I need to INSERT a Column ’ PENDING’, between Commitments and Encumbrances. How do I do that. What questions do I need to ask my accountant. Do I need to get the GL accounts for PENDING and add a line first in Account Schedule Row and then add a Column in Columns?

Please help. Thanks

You need to ask your account Is pending column is derived from any of the columns available in account schedule or it is indepndent column coming from any account.

But I am sure it is derived column …

Thanks Amol. I will ask them on Monday and see what they say. Have a great day.

Welcome. Let us know any other help required.