Add 2nd Database/Company to the same Navision SQL Server

I have a running Database/Company on a Navision SQL Server. The Management decided to add a second Database/Company on the same Server. What should I do to have it done?

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You can add second company in existing database from File–Company–New

Thank you for your help. Yes, I did that before coming for HELP. I also used File–Company–New to add a new company to that new Database. Somehow, it merely created a new Database with just system tables, none of the other company-level tables are created. And if I open that company, there is no other menus but a short cut menu with nothing in it.

Do I need a backup of a blank Database to complete the process? If I do, where do I have to go to download it. I can not make one from the original Database, because the new Company does not need all the complexity, therefore, only base granule was purchased.

Is the database which you are using contains all the objects,modules and data ?

If you want a second company, you should create it in the same database as the existing company. If you want a separate database, then you must first license that.