Add 2 Setrange code --> in 1 report

hai all…

I want to print from general journal, which is I several user create it

but I just want to print from 2 persons, for example his name is ‘A’ and ‘B’

GJL.SETRANGE(“Created By”,‘A’);

→ from this code, I just can print from A, and couldn’t print from A and B

what should I do?

Directly from NAV development help…

Using a filter with replacement field:

This filter selects all accounts in the range from 100 to 200 and No. 300

“G/L Account”.SETFILTER(“No.”, ‘%1…%2|%3’, ‘100’, ‘200’, ‘300’);

ow… thanks galletin

I forgot about setfilter :stuck_out_tongue:

Perfect stan, but please try to use the “Mark as Answer” option for other users not to answer again the question :wink:

ok … done galletin :slight_smile:

thanks once again