ADCS using Hyper Terminal, how to Register?

Hi I have succesfully established a test environment with ADCS on 3.70, I use Hyper Terminal as outlined in the documentation to test and maneuver around in the Miniforms. When I i.e. is on a pick document, then the miniform has a REGISTER function, to post the activity, but I can not make this happen through Hyper Terminal. I can see that only the ESC textvalue is returned inside Navision, so something happens when the response from Hyperterminal is “translated” via the xslt stylesheet. Any help would be appriciated.

Hi, Try F3 to register

I have tried it, but I can see that only ESC is sent into Navision, so it treats it like Esc has been hit and takes me to the menu. I am using the VT100 plugin 1204, with the Xslt sheet for Win XP on a MS win 2000 server