ADCS - RF Wireless Company problem

Hi, I have been working on ADCS and everything works fine if the company name is “CRONUS International Ltd”. But if I use any other company (even CRONUS USA ), nothing appears on the HyperTerminal. NAS installation automatically puts the Company name as “CRONUS International Ltd” . I changed the company name in NAS Manager and in Registry entries ( replypipe and requestpipe) How can I make it work with any other company? Am I missing anything? I shall appreciate any help on it. Meenakshi

Hi, You mean to say you went to File—>Company---->Rename and tried to Rename the company and nothing happend? Thanks Best regards Suresh.

Hi Meenakshi, 1.Does your license has permission for using with other Companies? 2.Have you defined the startup parameter properly for NAS to work?

I am able to fix it. I didn’t put the correct registry entry. Thanks, Meenakshi