ADCS on Azure

Hello Experts,

We have deployed our company Microsoft dynamics nav 2016 database in azure. everything works well. i have setup adcs also. it also working fine but when doing registering for large picks through hyper terminal/telnet/scanners its taking too much time and also its not reverting back to the screen it lies on the same screen i have checked code and everything was ok. after some time i canceled the connection manually then i checked in windows client registered picks that pick actually registered.means registering code is working but it is not reverting to previous miniform. For small picks (<20 lines) its working fine reverting back to the previous miniforms also.

For same database deployed in in local server(not in azure server) it reverting back to the previous minform for all(large/small) Picks.

what causing the problem,Suggest me how to overcome from this.

Thank You

Mahesh U