ADCS new Feature Attain 3.6

Hello, have anybody experience in this new feature. for ex. for buildung own examples on a local machine to show the feature of miniforms in hyperterminal??.. Arndt L.

I have just got ADCS working on a wireless scanner at Vitamin Cottage. Navision 3.60. Symbol Wireless Palm Scanner 7146 Telnet Client is “Mocha Pocket Telnet V 2.2” (shareware) The client is slow but the scanner works.

Hi, Been trying to do the same for the hyper terminal but kept encountering this problem below, any idea what cause it and solution for this? Trigger 99 in Codeunit 1 does not exist. This trigger must be executed to establish connection to the Message Bus. Thanks, Tan.

Codeunit 1 is not upgraded to 3.60, that’s why

Thanks Lars, Any idea how can I get this code unit upgraded? Tan