ADCS codeunit1_procedure99

In the process of installing ADCS, I found the following paragraph in the installation instructions: 2 Open Codeunit 1 in design mode and implement the changes specified in the file: Codeunit1_Procedure99.txt However, I wasn’t able to find the file Codeunit1_Procedure99.txt in any place. I tried searching in the Product CD and in PartnerSource with no success. Does anyone know where I could find this file?

What version are you talking about ? Normally there should be no need to change that stuff.

The documentation I was using for the installation came from a Navision 4.00 SP1 downloaded from PartnerSource on 04/04/06. It’s the file w1w1InstADCS.pdf. I ended up finding out that there were no modifications needed. It’s just that Microsoft hasn’t updated the installation instructions for the current version yet. As a first time installer of ADCS, I assumed that the manual was right and it costed me a few hours trying to find a file that no longer exists.

Try to contact “The RSC Group” in Vancouver. They might have a solution which might fit your needs better than ADCS does as it can be a real pain in your A**.