Sometimes crashs the communication from the terminals to the NAS while working
with ADCS and in the eventlog is written the following error message for the
“Navision Communication System Service”:

“Could not send Message to NAS
CAN NOT FIND PIPE: Assure the pipe server is started, check share name”

All the terminals are blocked and the only way to get the work on is to restart the
ADCS services like: VT100Plugin, Navision Communication System Service, NAS.

We are working with a native Navision DB Ver. 4.01 and also the NAS and the
ADCS components have the same version.

Can anybody help me to resolve this problem

regards Lukas

after some work around I have found out that in the codeunit
7700 “ADCS NAS Startup” every incoming message it is saved
in a temporary message queue which is process in the timer
event trigger. This trigger runs every 10 ms if the message queue
contains some messages, after checking for existing records in
the message queue the system checks for a valid job in the current
message with the following code:


if no job exists the system exists the timer trigger and after 10ms
repeats the same code steps, in my opinion this code goes in
an endless loop.

So my question is: could be that the reason why the navision
communication system service can’t communicate with the NAS?
Because the NAS is busy while it is in and endless loop.

regards Lukas