Actual lobour hours


How to record actual labour hours on a production order?


Route Card Journal

Shop Floor Data Capture Module.

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Great - thnx,

We have 200+ production orders a day. I guess we can build an interface to send actual hours per order from time capturing software to AX? Have you heard of this being done? This would be a great way to refine our routings and report actual production variance by prod order…

Yes you would be best served not auto-posting the route card but creating it at start - the issue you have is when these roll over days and you get time you want to post but not close the operation, you need to post it but recreate a new journal. All possible depends on the information you have, the timing, the requirements etc. etc.

You can use AxdRouteCard and AIF to import the consumption automatically to DAX.

What is AIF and DAX? sorry - I am new to all this…

AIF is Application integration framework, a framework created in order for an external system to comunicate data to DAX (Dynamics Ax). Basically you create an XML document that correspond to a schema and then configure DAX to import this document. The AxdRouteCard is the class that you can use to import the xml that corresponds to a route card.

Good - thanks a lot!