Activity Report?

Hi all,

I want to design a report,in such a way…

My filter element in report will be “ProjID”. whn i select the project Id,i need to display all the “Activities”, related to tht project.

How can i achieve this?



There is no direct relation between ProjTable and smmActivities table.

There is another table which form indirect relation between them - smmActivityParentLinkTable

so try to get a report from these tables - by looking into the relations between them…

Ok Kranthi,i found out and got the activities,

but i need to display in the Report as we see in the “Activity Breakdown” structure…in the projTable Form…

i.e . i want as ‘Levels’ … (1) Main project…next (2) sub project … (3) activity

The parentId field in the ProjTable table shows you the difference between the main project and sub project.

if the parentId has no value - which means that it is a main project and not a sub project of any project

if it has some value - which mean that it is a sub project.

Based on that, I hope you can get a report of your requirement…

will i be able to get the "Tree Structure " in report?

I don’t think you can do that - never tried before…[:)]

Ok, is there any way to display like “Steps” ?

I’ve found out a small clue on how the tasks are displayed in tree structure “In ‘HierarchyTreeTable’ ---- the ‘ParentElementNumber’ specifies which tasks belongs to which parent”. Now is there any way to display the activities in a TREE LIKE structure in report using this clue?


What is ur clue?

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