activity number counter doesn't increase AX 2012 FP

Hi From the AX 2012 home page, when I try to create a new activity - AX doesn’t increase the counter but set the old value and throws a warning that the format is incorrect. "ACTY-00000’ while

only one activity record exists that has the activity number as “ACTY-00000” with 5 digits

I looked at the activity number sequence that has a format of “ACTY-#######” 6 digits.

Error message was " ACTY-00000" does not match the format ACTY-######

Am I looking at the correct sequence?

I am not able to change the sequence as the next value shows as 5, smallest 1 and largest 999999

Note- “ACTY” is the company Code.

found that the activity counter length is a fixed no cant exceed 10 chars !