Activity based costing

Hi all, does anybody have some experience or hints on how to deal with the concept of activity based costing (ABC) in Financials? Some parts of it can be solved with Departmanet code / Project Code in GL, and even more with jobs and ressources. Anyway, it would be interesting to know if this is a common issue among Navision users and how it is solved. Has there been done a lot of customization to solve it and how “standard” has the development been to be able to use it with other customers as well. Thanks a lot for. Nils

Hi, I never had problems with ABC implementations. In most cases we used Job system. (Some time Manufacturing if company sell finished product.) You will need to create few reports but in general ABC will work in standard system. Also we created addon for companies that build Fixed Assets and then sell services based for this FA. (Telecommunication as example). In this case you have to calculate ABC cost for FA and then calculate Profit as Revenue – Depreciation. This type of functionality will require Programming, but you can buy addon. Valentin Gvozdev Andel Jewelry Inc.