Activities of NAV DBA

Hi All,

Can you please provide a link to document having details of activities done by DBA on regular basis, activities done daily, weekly and monthly. If no such document exists, then please provide some insight in these activities.


What database are you using?


It is Navision 4.0 (India Localisation) on SQL Server 2005 (SP2)

Dear Raj

There Exists a Very Nice PDF Document regarding the SQL Server DBA Tasks:

"Installation & System Management: SQL Server Option for the C/SIDE Client " -MS have Commented most of the Crucial Activities in the same.

Obviously it Won’t say What You should Do, and how your plan should be .but yes,it comments on What Should be Done.

Apart from the Same- Having the DB Control from the Front End you can also Consider the DB Management from The Real Back End i.e. the SQL Server Itself.

I can List Down Few Activities important as

1.Database Backup -

Here SQL Server will be Much Handy as you can have grate options of Backup types like File group Backups, Transaction Log Backups Which are If I am not Wrong are Not Available in NAV Front End.

  1. Index Tuning-

You can also consider the regular index tuning and Statistics Updations as a part of your daily routine. ( NAV itself also Support the same Task by Optimization of Keys from Database-Information.

  1. Space Management-

A vital task as a DBA we have to do; is to Manage the Available Space. You can control the same better via SQL server;

  1. And the Best Friend of Ours if Used Correctly ; - The “Database Maintainance Plan”

Obviously Your Plans Must be Structured based on the Extent of Availability Requirement of Database is.

Happy DBAing.