ActiveDirectoryTenant for OData Service in dynamics 365 operations on premises

Dear All,

I am trying to access odata service in C# application. Initially, we have to get authorization token from azure active directory. But it is failing to get token. Please let me know what will be ActiveDirectoryTenant in Demo VM of on premises.

UriString = "",
ActiveDirectoryResource = "",
ActiveDirectoryTenant = "",
ActiveDirectoryClientAppId = “xxxx-xx-ddd-zz-xx”,

The error is

{"The application named was not found in the tenant named This can happen if the application has not been installed by the administrator of the tenant or consented to by any user in the tenant. You might have sent your authentication request to the wrong tenant.}

Even I have registered the application on azure directory.

I think the problem is that you shouldn’t have /data in UriString and ActiveDirectoryResource.