Active X

he HEBREW CALENDAR DATE CONVERTER provides you, the programmer, with the ability to easily convert Common dates to Hebrew dates, and, Hebrew dates to Common dates. Specifically, the converter is a 32-bit ActiveX control developed with Microsoft Visual Basic 6. HOW TO USE THE CONTROL To use the Date Converter, select the Date Converter control from your development applications’s tool set. Depending on your particular development environment, the control may appear with different names. For example: · Microsoft Visual Office “HebcalDateConv.HCDateConv” · Microsoft Visual Basic “Hebrew Calendar Date Converter” Simply drop the control onto one of the forms in your project. The control is invisible at runtime and may therefore be placed anywhere. Depending on your particular In addition to the HCDateConv.ocx file, the control requires several Microsoft support files, including the main Visual Basic runtime library file msvbvm60.dll. These files are distributed and installed as part of the Date Converter setup. These files are defined in the installed dependency file which you can use to develop setup programs for your end applications. Can I integrated this program in NF 2.0 and if this is possible how? Thanks, Coen

As Navision Financials support non-visual OCX types, you should probably be able to use this ActiveX control. Is it non-visual? Sounds like it when it says: “Invisible at runtime”. Why not give a try, and let us know what happened? Best regards, Soren Nielsen, moderator Navision Online User Group