Active Key error after upgrading to sql server 2008


We are using Navision 4.0 SP3 with Native Database. Now we want to upgrade to SQL Server 2008 R2 with classic client.

I followed the steps described in toolkit but after restoring the backup in SQL Server i am getting error of Active key in several forms and tables.

Can anybody please help me ?

Keyur Thakkar

What EXACTLY is the error message and WHEN does it occur?


Error is.

"The Delivery Schedule table does not have an active key that starts with the following field or fields : Item No…"

I am getting this error while i am trying to print the purchase order.

For your information, we have made customization for delivery schedule for items. So whenever delivery schedule in added in purchase requisition, this will be also printed in Purchase Order.

I am getting this kind of error for different tables while posting also.

Well, this tells that you are using an invalid SETCURRENTKEY command in the code …

I suggest to use the Debugger to find the place where that error is raised. Also check the “Keys” of the affected tables.

Or a form/page/report is designed to a key that doesn’t exist


There was an error in report.

I removed the delivery schedule section and created again, now its works.

thanks for your answers.