Active forms in a session

Hi - is there any way of retreiving information of the forms, reports running in the current session? It should work like this: The user opens Navision, and then he maybe opens the Item-card - when he by accident opens another instance of the item-card, I want to display an error or a warning… Jens

Hello Jens, there is no “basic” or “standard” way to do this. The only thing you can do is to add code in the on openform and on querycloseform triggers of the forms you need to know about. This will be a heavy task if you have to change all existing forms to support that.

What I do and what you could teach you’re users; Don’t maximize the forms in Navision. That way you can see how many forms are opened. What I find striking is that developers I know don’t maximize the forms and the most users do maximize the forms…

You could try upgrading the site to Navision4. By default, Nav 4 only allows you to open 1 copy of a form at any one time. edd

Regarding multiple forms in Navision 4, I remember way back when it was first released, someone told me how to set an option which allowed multiple instances of the same form to be opened. I have long since forgotten about how to go about doing this. Was this a figment of my imagination or is there really a setting to change this default behaviour? edd

I think that is a function of the Menusuite object, not the form in 4.0. When you are for instance in the warehouse node, and you open the Item Card from there, you can click until you weigh an ounce, but there’s only going to be one instance of the Item Card. If you leave it open though and you go to the Purchase node, you can open a second instance of the Item Card. You can click a thousand times again, and it won’t open another instance, but you still have two of them open. This leads me to believe that it is the menusuite that ‘knows’ that a certain selection is clicked (which would make sense if you look at all the GUIDs in the menusuite object file), and not the form that knows there is already another instance. You can open the Item Card as many times as you click by opening it from the object designer, and there is no property that I can see that would manage this behavior.

A handy trick in pre 4.00 days, is to set the property of form 330 to Maximizable NO. Then if the users try to full size the forms, it fixes it self up when they press F12.

Aah yes. Found it now. If you right click on the menu suite item, you can choose to ‘Open in New Window’, which will allow multiple form instances. (And yes it does appear to be the menusuite that controls this behaviour). edd


If you right click on the menu suite item, you can choose to ‘Open in New Window’, which will allow multiple form instances.
Originally posted by eddpeggs - 2005 Dec 14 : 09:11:49

Also, if you right click at the very top or very bottom of the navigation pane you will get a pop-up menu with “Navigation Pane Options” on it. From here you can swap the open and new actions.

This really is quite a dissapointing thread, sorry but it is. When selling Navision, one of the gret selling points, is showing how you can open multiple forms, have linked lists connected to the forms, (Item, Ledger entries, Slaes Order Line, Prodction order lines etc) then scroll up down, and show how everything links, then open an other item card, do similar, and do simple comparisns between the two. As I see it, wanting to programaticallly remove a MAJOR FEATURE of Navision is an odd way to go. What happened to good ole training. Ah well back to writting my book … [B)]

If I got paid 1 euro every time I see the RunFormLinkType missing or need to explain how it works I’d be loaded [^]