Active Directory

hi Does Active Directory Integration in Axapta require installation of AOS? Slawek

Hi Slawek, My guess is - with Active Directory integration, it is possible only to run 3-tier integration. Reason being - If you have a look in the Axapta Configuration utility, under client tab → Connect settings group → Connect using Active Directory Information, you have 3 options - 1. Simple - find any AOS 2. By name - find a specific AOS 3. By Organization - browse for per-user or per-organizational special AOS Now explanation - 1. Simple mode is typically used by smaller installations. In this case, client simply browses the Active directory for any available AOS. 2. As the name indicates, you have to specify the (Active Directory Server) ADS name. This ADSN is the name listed by AOS under Object Servers list. 3. By organization is the one that is a bit complicated. But ultimately this again looks for an ADSN. So it doesn’t provide any scope (at least as far as I can see!!) to implement a 2-tier installation. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu