Active changemanagement Vs workflow

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Could any one explain with an example of Active changemanagement Vs workflow in the AP module ?

Hi Ameen,

The main concept of using Active change management is to control the cost. Active Change management will activate the workflow for PO at Legal entities.

if you check the activate change management check box (Procurement & Sourcing > Set up > Procurement & Sourcing parameters) and create a PO then the approval status will come as Draft. Now when you submit it, the status will come as ‘In review’. You can’t approve a PO if change management check box is active. Only the authorized person can approve that PO.

For approving the PO, Workflow is required to set where the authorized person can approve your PO.

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Parashar Banerjee.

Hi parashar ,

Thanks for the reply.

Without placing the checkmark in the Active change management field also , we can enable the workflow process to a purchase order .

Then what is the use of the active change management functionality ?

I am not clear about the active change management functionality.

have you tried?, As per my memory, if you enable the change management then only the Purchase order will use the workflow.

Hi Ameen,

The workflow of a PO is in use only when the Change Management checkbox is checked. If you uncheck change management parameter and make a workflow, then its equivalent to the normal PO process that we make in Standard.

The main functionality of Change Management is that it restricts the users to create the unnecessary POs in order to reduce the cost of the organization.

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Parashar Banerjeee.