Active change management issue AX 2012


I am doing setup on PO workflow & intercompany.

in procurement & sourcing parameters there is a check mark i.e. Active change management.

If check mark is activated- Yellow submit line of work flow is displayes i.e. it is working but intercompany transaction does not works.

If check mark is unchecked- Yellow submit line is not displayed but intercompany transactions works

Both things can run at the same time

Please help me



Activate Change Management is for activating the change Management Work flow for the Purchase Order.

It is different from the PO workflow, and is involved in controlling the changes made on the PO after it is in Approved status using the PO workflow.

For the PO workflow, you need to set up workflow in the Procurement and sourcing Parameters, while for the Change Management workflow, the check box Activate Change Management.

This article should help:

Hi Chetan,

The workflow of a PO is in use only when the Change Management checkbox is checked. If you uncheck change management parameter and make a workflow, then its equivalent to the normal PO process that we make in Standard.

The main functionality of Change Management is that it restricts the users to create the unnecessary POs in order to reduce the cost of the organization

That you can do with the PO workflow also.

What is the significance of Change Management ?

Hi Lally,

No. The PO workflow will get activated only when you activate the change management. The workflow for the PO will not be in function untill and unless you check the Active Change Management.

Agree with that .

But why MS had incorporated the new functionality of Change management in Ax 2012 ?

That is what i would like to know ?

I believe this is mainly done so that all the changes made on the PO line are stored in a history log so that User can compare PO versions.

And Change Management(Workflow) is for editing the PO line after PO Approval(PO workflow), if I am not mistaken right.