activating inactive keys

hi, how do i activate inactive keys? i remembered doing this before,but i cannot recall what function i used.

simply set the required key to enabled (object designer → button “tables” → choose desired table with button “design” → choose “keys” in menu “view” and click at first field)

Hi! … or you can deactivate (and of course activate) keys by “Keygroups”: File - Database - Information - Tables (this means that the “KeyGroup-Property” of the unused Keys has been set before!) Regards, Jörg

i mean activate the inactive keys using c/al. instead of asking the users to go to table designer to active the keys. the idea is, i want to run some reports which used a key. but this report is run once a month. can i use c/al code to activate the key only for the report when it is run and reactivate after running?

there is no sense to activate a key via C/AL (and no way to do so). If a key is activated, it is actualized. That can take up to several minutes. But why don’t you let the key be activated ? It takes the system no time to update one more key in real time…

Hi! I agree that there’s no way to activate/deactivate by C/AL. Jordan: In that case, I would recommend to use the “KeyGroup” solution, because there’s no need to use the Design-Mode. The user could activate and deactivate the required key(groups) within the “File …” - Menu. Regards, Jörg