Action Visibility in Pages

Hi All,

I am finding difficulty in making an action Which is promoted to be made in disabled if it satisfy some condition.

Like what we will usually do in Form

IF Status = Status::Released THEN




Can we achieve the same thing in pages?[*-)]

In the CurrPage i didn’t find the action which i have given the name property.

Waiting for your valuable replays.

Create a Global Boolean Variable ex: ActionEnable
Set IncludeInDataset property of variable to Yes
Select Action
Set Enable property of tab to ActionEnable
write below code in OnOpenGetRecord trigger of Page

ActionEnable := Status = Status::Released;

Dear Mohana[:)],

The issue is resolved. I have defined one variable like ActionVisible (boolean) and changed the property IncludeInDataset = true.

Then i have the condition is page OnOpen and OnAfterNextRecord triggers which will pass the variable(ActionVisible) true or false. Then i went to the particular action, i have given in the particular action Enable property as variable (ActionVisible). It is working fine[:D].

Thanks a lote for your support[Y].