Action message on production order - MRP


I’m working on production order in AX 2009. I created on 3/4/2014 a production order with a delivery date in 60 days firming a planned production order generated by MRP (60 days is the production leadtime) Delivery date=5/3/2014. The week after (today), I regenerate the MRP, my customer advanced its requirement, the requirement is now for 4/3/2014. So I have an advance message of 30 days. I called my subcontractor to know if it was possible to advance the delivery date, and he accepted. I will be on time to fulfill the requirement of my customer. So I want to take the action message, and advance the delivery date of my production order.

In AX, I changed the delivery date of the production order to 4/3/2014. In the net requirement form, the pieces are still planned to arrive on 5/3/2014. Is there anyway that 4/3/2014 appears as the requirement date for the production order in the net requirements form?

I tried to change the delivery date of the production and do once again “operation scheduling” so that 4/3/2014 appears as requirement date, but no matter the scheduling direction I have this message

“Attempts are made to schedule production before today’s date. Scheduling direction is thus automatically changed to forward from today’s date.”

I guess AX is considering that I cannot deliver before 60 days. Is there anyway to reduce the production leadtime for a specific production order?

Thank you for your help,