Action Imediatly on Puch a Button

I Pretend to print a document by puching on e button. But I do not want to choose any filter report npot even my printer. I want to puch the button and after that the docuemnt is printed. How can I implement that? Thans

You might start by taking a look at the report properties. I think you’ll find your answers there. Remember that you need to be on a blank line in the Data Item list once you’ve opened the report in Object Designer to be able to see the report properties. If you’re not on a blank like, you’ll see the properties of the data item you’re on.

So, there aren’t that many properties for the report, and many of them can be eliminated through reason alone. You can use Help to get a description of the properties you think might solve your challenge.



I suggest best way look at how standard system using Report selection for printing document like Invoice,Purchase order etc.

You will get an idea.

In this case I am in a new form that creates a new invoice.

After create I pretend Post + Print on the same time on the same Buttom, but for a specific Reports. I can not used table 77 (report selection) for that. This form was created for a specific invoice type, so the invoyce must be printed on a specific layout.