Action & Future Messages

We have a situation where action messages are produced for purchase orders when there is no need to advance the purchase orders (actions for purchase orders form). It appears as though the determination of the action message is not considering on-hand inventory. Has anyone else experienced this or can provide any insight. This has happened recently, this function would work fine. Also the future messages are not correct either, they also appear to ignore on-hand inventory.

Thank you

Hi Helen,

The ‘Positive days’ setting on the Coverage group can tell AX that it is not allowed to use on hand inventory. If the date of the requirement is further from today than the number of days set at Positive days, AX will not use on hand inventory.

There are quite a few impacts - look at the messages, but ultimately you would have to let us see the pegging and coverage group and plan settings. It is doing it ultimately because the calculation is telling it, which is the configuration. Not much help, but there are many elements that can cause this.

Adam, Guy,

Thank you for your responses. I have tried several test scenarios over the past few days and without setting negative days to zero - I am not able to have the advance messages consider inventory on hand as we did before. I am providing some snapshots in the attachment of the advance message, the coverage group, the explosion and on-hand for any additional input that you might offer. Please let me know if you don’t get the attachment.Thank you.
Action Messages.pdf (162 KB)

So for the full pegging for item 1001179137 what is the coverage planned figure at the end when the supply-demand balance is removed? Is it the on-hand quantity? Show us the net requirements screen for the item not considering inventory

Does the Master Plan consider inventory?

Is the item batched/serial controlled and does it have expiry dates

The required quantity and the accumulated quantity on the net requirements form is correct. The explosion of a line is incorrect and the action message requiring the purchase order to be moved up is not correct (not necessary as on - hand inventory exists to cover demand). The master plan considers on-hand inventory. No we do not have batch/serial control items.

I have provided the attachments with the screen shots and info. I will need to provide the excel net requirements extract as separate file ( I can not seem to attach two files to this post).

Thank you
Action Message Incorrect 2.pdf (248 KB)

attachment number 2 - excel export of net requirements
Action Message Net requirements.pdf (169 KB)

As at 15/06 you have 0 which means supply and demand balance, the rest is then juggling on demand. I would do the following in a test environment as you are using future dates:

  1. Ensure in the plan you have the use of the future dates as the requirement date set and same for action message.

  2. Set the coverage group basis date to be future date.

There is a huge list of requirements there, with future and action messages all impinging. These settings will change use future messages consistently. This should smooth it out.

Check on the item coverage getup tab for AX item 507360 on the net requirements that there is no overriding of any of the settings for the item.

Hi Adam,

Thank you. I have been testing different variations of your recommendation this afternoon. I do have a question and have taken some snapshots in the attachment; I do not have the option to set the action message for ‘use of future dates as the requirement date set’. I wonder if there is something else I need to turn on or maybe require an update.

MPS 3 month with forecast adjustments.pdf (130 KB)