ACIE Level Problem

I think here is a problem in Inventory /periodic activities/Adjust cost-item entries. when we run the report the level that show in message window is great 40,then I checked the related program in codeunit 5895 “inventory adjustment” and found the new records be created in the “TempFnshdProdOrderLine” table repeatly,but I dont find where the problem is exist,because the correlated function “UpdateFnshdProdOrderEntry” is called by “Forwardcost”,but function “forwardcost” is invoked by many function,very I stop checking. who can tell me the level is too many(>=3) is normal or not,and why[?] thanks Peter

Could you maby explain this again? I’m not quite sure what you mean or want to know.

when run the report ACIE(Inventory /periodic activities/Adjust cost-item entries). the report pop up message show “adjmt.level” is 40, and the report continue to run still,the level will be 41,42…,it have taken 12 hours to run. so I think maybe exist dead loop,and cause can not finish the report. after checked codeunit 5895 “inventory adjustment” and found the new records be created in the “TempFnshdProdOrderLine” table repeatly,if the table is not empty, the program will do loop. I analysis function “UpdateFnshdProdOrderEntry” and “Forwardcost”,but not found problem,the program is very complex. my question is what case cause the dead loop? hope you understand me thank you.

What version are you using here? Maybe it’s a good idear to look at the solution in 3.60. I tried to find your code in the codeunit with following version list code “NAVW13.60.00.02”. But could not find it. second, You don’t have a dead loop. A dead loop is one that never stops. So you have to find out why, what and howmany times this loop runs. If you know that, maybe you’ll find the solution. Please understand that It’s almost impossible for me to find a solution, having only the information you gave me. Ask anything if you need more help!

HI Xiong, There is fixing regarding to ACIE Attain3.6 on the Navision Partnerguide site maybe could help you, just ask your NSC to get them. Here some request number that related to ACIE that i founded. DE-690-496-RGXV,DE-750-440-XEGV,CZ-803-600-KKG8 and CZ-210-619-3CDY

Hi Aloyius it is need userid and password to login can you tell me how to use the request number? and can I get them from you? maybe you know the problem,but i do not understand you deeply,can you help me more? thank you Hi,Emiel the navision attain version is 3.01.b,the report can not stop,it run forever,and i believe it dead loop when the “level” is greater 3 can you find codeunit 5895 in attain 3.60? thank you

Thing is Peter… I think I need quite a lot of time to find out what is going wrong and I think I will take me quite a lot of time to solve it. That why I’ll not try to solve your problem. Sorry about that… What you should do: Contact you solution center to solve this issue. They will have access to partnerguide and so they will be able to, maybe, give you a bugfix of some kind. Else they should compare objects with 3.60 including all service packes. My version of codeunit 58.95 is NAVW13.60.00.10. This could mean your problem is fixed, but I’m not sure this is the case. In short, contact a proffesional developer with access to Navision recourses to solve your problem. Good luck Peter!

Emiel, thanks for your help good holiday,good labor day(1st,MAY). [8D]

We don’t really celebrate laborday. But we do celebrate queensday the 30th of april! That’s always a real happening. But thanks for your nice wishes!