Accumulated Write up ledger account


Is anyone know the meaning of accumulated write up a/c in AX ( See from contoso courseware). ?

What is possible double entries for “accumulated write up” A/C ?


The account is some thing related to Assets.

When the value of the asset is less than the market value- then if u want to increase the book value of the asset , this account is used…

When you post this entry through the Fixed Asset journal - “accumulated write up” A/C will get debited and

“Write down/up fixed assets” account will get credited and the net book value will get increased to the extent of write up value…

i try to do it in Fixed asset journal

here is my info

Journal name : FA Write up journal
date : 9/9/2010
transaction type : write up adjustment
Account : VEC001 (My truck)
transactions text : posting write up adjustment
DEBIT : $999.00
Offset a/c type : ledger
offset a/c: 803300 - Write down/up fixed assets

When i check it audit trial, i got something like this

Line 1 = DR accumulated write up $999
Line 2 = CR write down/up fixed assets $999
Line 3 = DR accumulated write up $999
Line 4 = CR write down/up fixed assets $999

It is correct but why there is duplicated double entry (line 3 and line 4)

The other two entries are related to the tax layer…(that means u have defined the value models for current and tax layers)

can this tax layer be deactivate ? Where to deactivate ? Seems i not require this function.

Yes. you can do it by removing tax value model from Derived Value model of Current Value Model. Then when you post to this current value model it will not have any impact upon derived value model which is in tax layer.