Accumulate numbers

Moin: I want to create a report based on the Item and Item Ledger Entry Table. The report should display for each item its accumulated numbers for each location code. What NAVISION function can I use to accumulate the numbers of all in- and outputs for each Location Code? Or do I have to generate it programmatically by iterating? Regards Uwe

Hi Uwe, You need a two level report with Table Item (T27, Artikel) on level one and Location (T14, Lagerort) on level two. In order to determine the Quantity (I guess that’s what you wanted if you say “accumulate the numbers”) set a flowfilter on the Item table to Location and do a calcfields on field 70 (Bewegung) Such as: Artikel.Setfilter(lagerortfilter, lagerort.code); Artikel.calcfields(bewegung); Marcus Fabian phone: +41 79 4397872