Acct to Consultant Switch

Anyone make the leap from Corporate accountant to Navision Consultant? Advise? What should I ask my ‘new employer’? And what should I prepare for with this up coming test in Atlanta? Thanks

It’s not totally clear from your question, but I’m assuming you have just joined an NSC and are now going to take the Enterprise class (and perhaps some others). My advice as to the best possible preparation would be hands-on work with Navision. Do it in a real life environment if possible, if not, on your own computer in test mode. Try as many scenarios from your past experience as an accountant as you can. Navision is designed to be a full-fledged accounting system with lots of capabilities for selecting and presenting data to business managers at all levels. Put yourself in the shoes of various corporate executives, ask the pertinent questions, then figure out how to answer them using Navision tools and data. You should also study the Navision supplied materials and the course text, but nothing works like hands-on. Dave Studebaker das@libertyforever