Acct Payable: Applied Entries

Hello! Using Suggest Vendor Payment, I create a Check through the payment journal, and the check is for multiple invoices / credit memos: Invoice 1234 $10.00 Invoice 3212 $20.00 Invoice 5432 $25.00 Payment 99211 $55.00 After printing a check and posting the entry, the system displays each line of the payment in the Vendor Ledger Entry table. Invoice 1234 $10.00 Invoice 3212 $20.00 Invoice 5432 $25.00 Payment 99211 -$10.00 Applies to 1234 Payment 99211 -$20.00 Applies to 3212 Payment 99211 -$25.00 Applies to 5432 1. Is there a way for the Vendor Ledger Entry to display a total line? Thus letting me use the “Applied To” to view the lines? I believe the reason I get these multiple lines in my vendor ledger is because I’m paying line-by-line in the payment journal. Where as in the Cash Receipt journal, I’m using a single line and the applies to function. Thanks

Hi Do you have the summarize per vendor tick box on the suggest vendor payments option tab? Does this solve your issue?

I have a similar issue in that when I try to post manual checks that have been cut for multiple invoices, it errors and won’t post so I have to credit back the invoices entered and enter one consolidated invoice - which eliminates the ability to reconcile the vendor statements without doing a great deal of research. Is there any way to get around this? Again, I have read through the manual and I haven’t found anything. Thanks for any assistance![:)]

Hi Tefta This does work fine - what error message do you receive?

It is saying that the check number has already been used - our MIS department said that in the payment journal it will not allow a check number to be used more than one time - am I forgetting a step here? I did try assigning manual check numbers through the purchasing journal and I can see the payments in the vendor ledger but we found that they don’t show up in the payment journal when we were reconciling the bank statement. Basically it seems that the purchase journal and payment journal aren’t tying together somehow. Is there a step missing here or should I do these differently? Is it possible to accept more than one invoice onto a check when I use the applied to invoice field? E.g. Can I press control and select multiple invoices to attach to the check number?

Hi tefta I presume as per the original posting you are using the suggest vendor payments routine from the purchase journal? Can you tell me the entries you are using in the options tab? Also waht version are you on? If you have cheques in use it will not let you post the same cheque number again as naturally it will already have been used.