Hello everyone!

I have a question on how to make accruals automatically.

Currently a company makes them manually based on data from Axapta 2009.

  1. Reviews list of prepayments made (if services were rendered, but are not expensed as to do so you need documents). is it possible just to comment in any way when creating a prepayment on when the services were/will be rendered? And based on that create a report.

  2. Separate ledger (in excel) prepared manually that describes what kind of expenses were already provided but are post-payment and weren’t paid yet (hence not expensed yet).

I mean this sounds like a lot of unnessecary work, is it possible to prepare accrual ledger in axapta based on

a. prepayments for which services were rendered

b. agreements/post-paid for which services were rendered.

Please comment on that, simple add-on (for listing accruals) should be enough, but I don’t see any.

Kind Regards.

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