Accrual Entries report , cant filter on only open entries

Hi ,

Since updating to NAV 2013 we have problems with the report fo "Periodic Entries " (GeneralLedger\Reports\Entries)

Before when running the report we received only open entries. Since updating to NAV 2013 the report gives us all entries ever made so the report is several hundred pages long , with both closed and open entries included without a way to separate them . Our NAV consultant has no solution for us .

have someone experienced the same problem ?

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Thomas Luthman

Polfärskt Bröd , Lindome , Sweden ,

Is this “Periodic Entries” a Swedish report or do you mean all reports under General Ledger\Reports\Entries?

In the Swedish localization there is no such report, so that must be a specific report developed for you.

Maybe you defined some options or filters in the request form of the report in the old NAV version which disappeared during the update?

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Hi Luc,

thanks for your answer . The report we use is called "Accrual Entries " under General Ledger , Reports and analysis .

I think this is a standard report

When you choice the report you have to put in a period account and periodic end date. When running the report

we now receive everything both open and closed accruals from the start , several hundred pages . Before updating to NAV 2013

we only received open accrual amounts . So something has gone wrong in the programming I guess

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Don’t think (and Felix also says so). I cannot find it so unfortunately I cannot help.

BTW: what is the ID of the Report?