Accounts Schedules - Column Layout

New scenario…

In the column layout, is it possible to to select Balance at date for 12 months but yet be able to specify which month to show only if there are monthly transactions?


Jan Feb Mac Apr May June etc

If I use Balance at date and there are transactions only up to Mac, the system will show the previous balance in the April and the remaining columns.

Is it possible to not to show the balance at date from April onwards since there are not current month transaction?

This may require some customisations but like to explore the full possibility before we take the approach.


A don’t understand one point.
You have a column for each month? If this is current your account schedules, can’t the user simply hide column with “Show Field”

I think what Loc-wc means, is the scanario where you are comparing current year to date to last current year. If you were running that today, then you would want to see figures from 2006 only up to April, otherwise it looks funny going forward.

Its actually quite a common request for Accounts Schedules.

If that is the request then a litle code change has to be made.

Honestly, I never has that request.