Accounts Receivable - Open transaction editing

When I want to settle payments in “Accounts Payable, Customers, Functions, Open transaction editing” by marking the specific payments and clicking on “Update”, I get an error message something like “Error in processing CustVendSettle; no valid code for method ‘taxCashDisc’”. Is this a common problem? Does it have to do with Value Added Tax? If so, what can I do about it?

I don’t think it is related to VAT. The “Code” will be a ledger account code and should be set against the posting group of the customer. Check that there is a valid value for the discount field for the customer group in question.

Problem solved! This problem occurs when the Cash discount calculated for the invoice doesn’t match the one included in the payment. Too bad Axapta doesn’t say this explicitly in it’s error message [xx(]