Accounts Payable Payment Journal – Description field & default description setup

I setup default description texts for the Language “en-us” in the organization administration module for the following types

(a) “Vendor – payment, ledger”, and

(b) “Vendor – payment, vendor”

Depending on the user who is running Dynamics AX I want to have the text printed in different languages. For that reason, I setup the default descriptions for the Language “de” in addition to the default descriptions for the language “en-us”. Unfortunately, the setup of the default description type in any additional language does not seem to work; irrespective of whether I change the system language to “de” or whether I change the default language of a vendor to “de”.
Does anybody know what is wrong?
Is this a bug or is there any other setup required?
Hope you can help.
Many thanks in advance.
Best regards,