Accounts Payable Journals

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Under the Accounts Payable Module, under Journal Section we have under Invoices we have four forms:

  1. Invoice Journal : For this i know the concept, as instead of creating the PO we just Select the Vendor and select the Offset account and post it.

2)Invoice Approve Journal: Can u explain me this journal why we are using this and also the form in the lines are in two section.

  1. Invoice Register : Can u Explain me this also in detail.

4)Vendor Invoice Pool excluding posting Details : Can u Explain me this also in detail.

Please explain, thanks in Advance.

The purpose of the invoice register journal is to pre-register invoices when they
arrive at the company and transfer them to an invoice pool for approval. In the
invoice register journal, an employee registers the following information:

Vendor account
,Invoice number,


Person who approves the invoice.

The same employee validates and posts the journal to the accounts specified in
the posting profile. Usually the accounts are pending accounts where the amounts
requite the manual approval and reclassification by the person specified in the
journal line.

Invoice approve journal functionality is once u created the journal need to be approved by a manager or any higher authority.

Procedure: Approve an Invoice Register Journal
Perform the following steps to create an approval journal:

  1. Click Accounts Payable, click Journals, click Invoices, and then
    click Invoice approval journal.

  2. Click New to create a record.

  3. Select the approval journal in the Name list.

  4. Enter all the other relevant information. Refer to the Invoice Register
    lesson to view the field explanations.

  5. Click the Lines button to create line records.

  6. Select the line and click Find vouchers.

  7. In the Find vouchers form, select the invoice register entries that
    need approval and click OK to save the entries and transfer to the
    approval journal.

  8. Click the Approval button to create an approval record. The
    following options are available:
    o Report as ready – specify that the selected journal is ready for
    o Approve – approve the selected journal.
    o Reject – reject the selected journal.

After you post the lines of the invoice register, the postings display in the invoice

thanks Mohan to explaining in such a good manner.