AccountingDistribution form issue with Edit mode after upgrading to CU7

Hi folks,

It’s an issue in the Travel and Expense ==> All expense reports ==> Expense Report “TrvExpTable” form, so there when we click on “Distribute amount” button it calls the “AccountingDistribution” form.

The weird thing that it’s coming what it appears to be View mode and we’re unable to edit the “Ledger account”, “Percent”, “Amount” fields in the grid.

This feature was working fine before the upgrade to the CU7. However, I’ve checked everything from the permissions to the code behind and nothing appears has changed though. Even I’ve tried to force opening the form in Edit mode by adding: args.openMode(2); to the arguments and I’ve checked the form viewmode and it’s not view (element.inViewmode()) but still unable to edit the anything on the form.

Thanks for your help!