Accounting Periods

Is it possible to delete Accounting Periods? We have a client running Version 2.50 that created 12 accounting periods for 2005 01/11/05…01/11/06. When the new fiscal year was created the first accounting period begins on 01/16/06, so there is an accounting period with a range of 01/11/06…02/16/06. Anyone know a procedure for “deleting” this accounting period

the previous post should state the accounting period that needs to be deleted has a range of 01/11/06…01/16/06.

Hi, if you have solution developer rights, then you can “delete” the accounting periods by disabling the code in the OnDelete trigger and deleting the records from the table view. Or you can write a report which does a deleteall() on the selected records. with best regards Jens

Thanks for the reply, Jens. Not sure if I understand, though. Disable the code in the OnDelete trigger where? Which table are the records in that need to be deleted?

Hi, it’s Table 50 “Accounting Period”

Thanks Daniel, So its as simple as deleting the record from Table 50? My concern is that just “deleting” the record from this table will not “fix” the year to date figures on the financial statements. Will the ledger entries not somehow be affected by this “deletion”?

Hi Stephen, the ledger entries will not be affected by this deletion as far as I know. Probably the year to date figures will be correct, once you define the correct Accounting period, because the reports should calculate those figures on the fly. Maybe there is a Table where these figures are pre-calculated (but that would be a customization), then you would have to re-calculate. Anyway, I would first test this with a copy of your life Database to make sure everything works as you would expect.

Hello Daniel, Thanks for the replies and I will be sure to test this “deletion” on a copy of the database.