Accounting for a void check

The client is having a problem accounting for a void check. Navision support suggested improvement N0 149 to fix the problem. The problem is with the 12. Gen. Jnl - Post Line codeunit suggested by the improvement. The client has version US2.60.05,LDUS2.00 of this codeunit, but this version does not take care of the void checks problem. The status of the void entry in the Bank Acc. Ledger entries is closed. Whereas the improvement 149 has the Codeunit 12. Gen. Jnl - Post Line version US2.60.02.49 this version however handles the problem and the void entry line status is open so the original open entry can be offset by the void entry line during a reconciliation. My questions are: 1. Did anyone run into this kind of a problem? 1. How come the later version does not have this fix? 2. If I replace the new version with the older version will the Client run into some problems? N.Anu

You would think that when Navision released 2.60E, it would have included all the improvements to 2.60B. I have not checked, but, from what you say, it doesn’t appear to be the case. If I remember the Void Check fix was only a couple of lines. The easiest solution might be to just look at the change log for Imp. 149 (or Dist Imp. 17 in your case) and implement the lines to c/u 12. Chris Krantz NCSD,NCSQL,MCSD,MCSE Microforum Inc. Toronto, Ontario, Canada