Accounting - 1cheque+2invoices =1or2 values in AC

I have a question about Navision : for example when registering a payment of a cheque (1.000€) that it will pay two invoices (Invoice A= 200€ and invoice B= 800€) , In acoounting that wil result in one movement value on the client account of 1.000€ or it il result in two movements values one of 200€ and another of 800€. In other words the description of every movement and what it concerns to, is in accounting or on the commercial module on the client’s information ? Thank you in advance

It will depend on how the payment is inserted and posted on the Cash Receipt Journal window. If 1 line is created for the payment, then you will get: - 2 new G/L Entries (Customers <-> Cash/Bank); - 1 new Customer Ledger Entries (the Payment); - 2 modified Customer Ledger Entries (both Invoices). However, you can divide the payment on the Cash Receipt Journal lines and make 2 entries (one for 200€ and the other for 800€). In this case, they will be treated as 2 different payments and you will get for each (meaning the total number of entries affected will be double of what follows): - 2 new G/L Entries (Customers <-> Cash/Bank); - 1 new Customer Ledger Entries (the Payment); - 1 modified Customer Ledger Entry (1 Invoice). But the best you can do is run both scenarios on a standard CRONUS database and then Navigate the Entries to compare the different possibilities. [edit] Depending on your version and your specific setup, there can also be Bank Account Ledger Entries and Detailed Customer Ledger Entries, but that’s beyond the point.

…or as an additional alternative you can split up the payment into 3 lines at the cash receipt journal: 1 - customer, invoice 1 : -200€ 2 - customer, invoice 2 : -800€ 3 - bank, payment : 1.000€ The result will be: - 3 G/L Entries (2 for the AR Account, 1 for the bank Account) - 2 Customer Ledger Entries (one for each “customer” line) - 2 modified Customer legder Entries (the 2 invoices) The advange is that it is only 1 payment, which makes bank reconciliation and print-out of the cash receipt more meaningful, but you have the possibility to add the description on each line. Saludos Nils

Thank you for your rapid answer. My question wasn’t to explycity… What I need is for the account 2111xxxx from accounting to reflect both invoices, 2 ledger entries. that means that I have to register the payment in a diferent way like you guys described or is there a configuration for it to work like in the cliente “ficha” (sory I don´t know the correct name in English) invoice 1 and invoice 2 in spite of beeing one payment.

Francisco, I assume account 2111xxxx is your receivables account (cartera) and you need to have 2 entries in that account, canceling each one of the invoices. You may either use Nelson’s second option which will create 2 payments or mine, which will create a single payment - both will create 2 general ledger entries in your receivables account, one for the 200€, the other one for the 800€. Please let me know if I don’t understand you correctly. Saludos Nils p.s. cliente “ficha” is customer card [;)]

Correct Nils, 211 is the Portuguese Receivables Account. [;)]

Thank you all. I think I understood. Just a detail, is it usual to have all entries movements with all the detail on the ledgers or on the clients, supliers or banks sheets “fichas”. To control and to know what payments are concurning. Em português é através das contas da contabilidade onde está reflectida a realidade toda ou é atravé da fichas que se pode consultar a informação detalhada a auditar os movimentos e a que eles se referem, estando nas contas da contabilidade apenas os valores dos movimentos. Thank you