Account Types


When reading from the NAV SQL Database I need, for each account, understand what is the type of each account.

i’m reading the accounts from the […$G_L Account] and i figured out the column [Income_Balance] tells me if it’s a P&L or Balance account but not more specific what type (Income, Expense, Equity, Liability, Asset).

  • How do I figure this out?

  • Is there a general good documentation describing the meaning of the tables and their columns.

BR, Peder

Try to get it from account name. Name defines what it is.

In many countries you can tell from the first digit of GL Account in CoA the subtype of this account.

If your goal is reporting directly from MSSQL, you may wish to create a small lookup table (1st digit, subtype name), it would be better than hardcode that in TSQL scripts.
As this table doesn’t need to be accessed by NAV itself, only your scripts, you don’t even need to purchase an additional Table Object for NAV.