Account schedules

Hi, I want to create a P&L report in the format below. Can someone please help me? How do we do the monthly breakdown?

Period from Period from Period from Period from Period from Period from Period from Period from
Note Jul 09 to Feb 10 01 Feb to 28 Feb 01Jan to 31 Jan 01 Dec to 31 Dec 01 Nov to 30 Nov 01 Oct to 31 Oct 01 Sep to 30 Sept 01 Aug to 31 Aug 01 July to 31 July
Total 2010 2010 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009

Income 1
Administrative expenses 2
Finance costs- Net 3

(Losses)/profit before taxation

Taxation (Charge)/ Credit

(Losses)/profit after taxation

Look at this thread: Account Schedule Monthly Column???

Thanks…i will definitely check this out

How can we append the year in the column header?

I am getting the following enter when I type FY[12] in the comparison date formula:

“The date formula FY[12] should include a time unit”

I am using Navision 2009. Please advise

FY[12] refers to 12th period of financial year - what is your Accounting period setup? Maybe you don’t have 12 periods in it.

Even if I put FY[1] I get the same error. Accounting period is from 7/1/2009 to 6/30/2010

the error message says that time units can be D,WD, W,M,Q or Y.

These are options for Comparison Date Formula. FY can be used in Comparison Period Formula

There is no comparison period formula even when i do show columns