Account Schedules

A client is using an account schedule overview to compare figures over the last 3 accounting periods. However, because they have periods of variable length (4 week,4 week,5 week)and the comparison field where you enter the periods you wish to compare does not allow entries to be in periods(only days,months etc)and it works back or forwards from both the period end date and the period start date. When the periods are not all the same length, entries for the last week of a period show up in both periods. Does anyone know of a work around for this

Hi, One way of doing it would be to actually create the periods that you want to compare in the Accounting Period table. However, be aware that this affects the entire system to run according to the periods defined in that table. To access the periods, then type in P1, P4 etc in any date filter filled. /Lars

Hello, We are on a 4-4-5 schedule and are contending with the same issue. The accounting periods have been set up with the 4-4-5 schedule, but column layout in Account Schedule does not allow entry of P-12 when attempting to compare to the accounting period from the prior year. Has anyone resolved this issue? Thanks.

What version are you using? Version 2.00 does not allow use of P1, P2, etc. when establishing the comparison period. Versions 2.01 and 2.50 do allow this.

Yes, the version is 2.00. Thanks Jack