Account Schedules restricted to 5 columns?

In Attain 3.7 it seems that Account Schedules are restricted to 5 columns. Totally unascceptable considering that standard P & L reporting in the UK needs a minimum of 6 columns ie Act Bud Var for the current month and Act Bud Var for year to date. Does anyone have any suggestions to easily overcome thisd problem? Thanks

Hi John Have you set-up your column layouts and then chosen it on the account schedule? - I have just set one up with 9 columns. You are probably referring to the report - unsure how this is redesigned, but sure it can be, it is probably just a layout orientation setting. Try the export to Excel - you will see all of your columns.[:D] Okay looks like it is not simply orientation but it references the columnvalueastext property with a [x] denominator for each column. The report is simply designed for 5. You will need the report redesigning and to check that the [x] can handle all of your columns - I am sure it can [:D] Did not even realise this was the developer forum - I feel myself slowly sinking into the depths as I realise the comments above will probably be rubbished by most developers who already know the answer (can you guess I am a mere consultant?[;)])

Hi John Steven is right, it is only a restriction on the actual print report (Report ID 25 “Account Schedule”). There are four Variables on the report which will need the array dimensions changing (from the default 5 to whatever number you need) ColumnValuesDisplayed, ColumnValuesAsText, Header and RoundingHeader. Then just add the extra array dimensions to the report sections and possibly change the orientation.

Hi Steven I’m duly impressed with your development knowledge…[:D] …but remember, a little knowledge can be a very dangerous thing [}:)] (I also have to remember that from time to time to keep myself in check!![:I]) Ally

Hi Ally, Hi Stephen Stephen - you summed up beautifully what I was babbling on about - thank you [:D] Ally - I always try and steer clear of development questions and work - I really do have that “little” bit of knowledge that is “dangerous” so I always keep it well hidden!

Steven; beware of development, for development leads to the Dark Side![8D]