Account Schedules - Matrix

Hi I love Matrix - forms [}:)]!! I’m trying to put some code behind a button with the following goal: Run form 490 (Acc. Schedule Overview) with a specific schedule name (MySchedule), a specific column layout name (MyColumn) and a specific date filter(MyDatefilter). Nothing works [:(]. Can somebody help me with a piece of code for this? bye André

I’m not sure what Version you are using, but I took a look at 3.70… (1) Schedule Name - On form 490, there is a function to Pass the Schedule Name (Used by the button on Form 104). (2) Column Layout - You could create an Identical Function with the Column Layout pararmeter and use that instead of the default layout. (3) Date Filter - Pass the Date filter here as well

Hi Chris Thank you for your input [:)]. Now I call a function to set NewCurrentSchedName and NewCurrentColumnName before I run the form. Another problem was the date filter. My form always came up with only one day (maxrange from datefilter). A simple //FindPeriod(''); does the job [:p]. Don’t know why!! bye André