Account Schedules - Guide/Training

Morning Does anyone happen to have any training/guides for the Account Schedules in v3.70 My clients’ accounts staff have a need to use them (as you would expect) but have received no training in how to create them, or to specify the overview. This, inevitably, means that they have to ask either the Financial Controller, or (more usually) myself, to create them on their behalf. This is starting become a drain [V]. And, obviously, when I am no longer working here, they will need to be able to do this themselves. Our NSC advises that they can only provide information for previous releases of Navision [:(!]. Anyone able to help?! Regards Mark

Hi, If you have manual for version 3.6 or even 3.1 it’s ok. You can refer those manuals for Account Schedule.

How about writing one in-house, it will be specific for the company which adds value and should not take too long. It will also be useful to you when you move on.

In house would be by far the best method, however, I am currently “acting up” as Chief Financial Officer, unexpectedly. This is dragging me into meetings every 3 minutes (almost literally) and means that I have very little chance to actually do the work required. Bearing in mind that I am still having to maintain the implementation programme and review. I will have a look at the 3.6 manuals and see what I can cannibalise! Thanks Rajesh and Richard. Regards Mark