Account Schedules & Analysis Views

I am trying to figure out a way to run an account schedule and have it actually use the dimension filters that are on the analysis view that is associated with the account schedule. I have a client using Attain 3.10A. I know that when you associate an analysis view to an account schedule, all it does is allow you to then enter the appropriate dimension filters on each line in the actual account schedule. But that seems kind of redundant. If the appropriate dimension filters have already been assigned to the analysis view, and the analysis view is associated with the account schedule, then you would think those dimension filters would be automatic. Am I missing something? Or has anyone else had this problem? Any ideas? Thanks.

I don’t think they are redundent. Isn’t there a difference between the dimensions that the analysis view dictates you can set, and the actual value of the dimension that you want to filter on the account schedule lines? What would be nice (wish list time) is if you could run an account schedule report (or export to Excel) and scroll through all of the values in any dimension but only run the report once. So if I have a division dimension within my company with 10 divisions, I can run the report once but get 10 pages, each one being a profit and loss (for example) for each of my divisions. Axapta has this feature and it is a real time saver.

In this situation there is no difference between the dimensions filters on the analysis view, and the dimensions that I want to filter the account schedule lines. Even though the Analysis by Dimensions and the Account Schedules give us different looks at the same data, I want to use the same Analysis View on both (to be consistent). So when I assign an Analysis View to an Account Schedule, I want that account schedule to be filtered by the dimensions that are set on the analysis view card. Thanks.