Account Schedule


sir will u plz tell me what do u mean by account schedule in navision

Account schedule means u can create specific MIS report showing Profit statement.

u can also use the same for creating Balance sheet and Profit and Loss statement along with its schedule as per Companies Act,1956.


Hi Shiva,

An account schedule can be used to configure the chart of accounts in various ways. For instance, let’s say you three different companies you buy from, company A, B, and C.

Every quarter you want to show your profit/loss margin on those three companies. You can do that by arranging an account schedule to post those every time you need them.

The account schedule will have a name, for instance: Profit/Loss Margins for Company A, B, C for 1st Quarter.

Then in the lines you’ll define the P/L margins and where you want those to appear. You could have them show up in your quarterly report, or in your Account journal, or even in each company’s budget table.

I hope that helps! Feel free to get back to me if you don’t understand.

thanks sir

The account schedule in NAV is in my point of view one of the most valuable reporting tools available, that almost no one knows how to use.

And if you have seen the public presentations from Convergence 2012 this month, then you will be able to see that it’s going to be even more extended in NAV 2013 and here used for cash flow forecasting with added graphical charting. So get on the horse and start learning to use it now, it will come in even more handy when NAV 2013 is released.

I agree.

Can you share any document if you have ?

Hi Erik

Can you help, showing how to make page breaks in Account Schedules.

In example, I would like to page break by “Districts” (one of the booking dimensions).

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