Account Schedule Weekly Column Layout

I have a client that is requesting weekly column layouts to be built in BC. I have researched this and haven’t been able to find how to do this. Is it possible to create a weekly column layout, if so, what formulas do I need to use in the column layout screen to get this to work?


Hi Coltonk1,

I hope the below layout work for you.

Navigate to Departments/Financial Management/General Ledger/Analysis & Reporting/Accounts Schedule.

Click “Edit Column layout Setup” in the ribbon. Configure as below, You will get the weekly report based on Week.

Column No. Column Header Column Type Ledger Entry Type Amount Type Comparison Date Formula
1 Week 1 Net Change Entries Net Amount -3W
2 Week 2 Net Change Entries Net Amount -2W
3 Week 3 Net Change Entries Net Amount -1W
4 Week 4 Net Change Entries Net Amount CW